SONG-Tx: Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology - Transplantation


Have your say on what outcomes are important for research in kidney transplantation!

You are invited to take part in an international survey that aims to find out what effects of treatment and care (also known as outcomes) are important to patients, family members, and health professionals.

This will help to ensure that clinical trials in kidney transplantation include outcomes that are important and relevant to as many people as possible.

This survey, called a Delphi survey, is designed to get everyone’s opinion and to try to reach agreement on the most important outcomes to be included in research in kidney transplantation.

The Delphi survey involves three short (10 minute) online surveys during March to June 2016. The surveys will ask you to rate the importance of different outcomes for people who have a kidney transplant.

To participate, please register your email before 31st March 2016 at: SONG-Tx Delphi Registration

t: @song_initiative

The Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology – Transplantation (SONG-Tx) initiative aims to establish a set of core outcomes for research (clinical trials, systematic reviews) in kidney transplantation. The focus is on outcomes for kidney transplant recipients. The core outcomes will be developed based on the shared priorities of patients, family members, health professionals, researchers, policy makers, and industry.

Establishing a core outcome set to be consistently measured and reported in trials in kidney transplantation will improve the integrity, transparency, usability and contribution of research relevant to people with a kidney transplant; and ensure that important outcomes are consistently reported across trials. This is turn will lead to more informative systematic reviews.