Review Proposal

If you are interested in undertaking a Cochrane Kidney and Transplant review, initial proposals should be emailed to the Managing Editor Fiona Russell and should include a review title, a brief PICO breakdown (population, intervention, comparator/s, outcomes) and information about the proposed review team. The author team (of at least two people) should include subject-matter expertise, methodological and statistical expertise, previous systematic review experience (preferably with Cochrane) and should have the ability to write a scientific report of publishable standard in English.

Before submitting proposals, we encourage prospective authors to ensure that the title suggested does not overlap with published reviews or those underway. Information about all published Cochrane reviews can be obtained from the Cochrane LibraryA list of Cochrane Kidney and Transplant published reviews and protocols, as well as registered titles, is listed here on our website.

Following initial assessment by our editorial office, author teams may be sent a formal Review Proposal Form to complete and return.  Cochrane has a set format for intervention review titles, described below, which you will need to use when completing your Review Proposal Form. (Prognosis and Diagnostic Test Accuracy reviews use a different title format).

When your title has been approved by the editorial office, you will be assigned a unique identifier. When your title has been successfully registered, you will be sent further information so you can begin developing your protocol.

Cochrane intervention review: title format
The basic title format is:[Intervention] FOR [health problem]
Antibiotics FOR acute bronchitis
Where two active interventions have been compared, the structure is:[Intervention A] VERSUS [intervention B] FOR
[health problem]
Immediate  VERSUS delayed treatment FOR
cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
Where the type of people studied or the location of the intervention is mentioned explicitly, the format is:[Intervention]  FOR [health problem] IN
[participant group/location]
Inhaled nitric oxide FOR respiratory failure
IN preterm infants
Sometimes it might be necessary to specify that the intervention is for preventing, treating, or preventing and treating the problem concerned

[Intervention] FOR [preventing and/or treating]
[health problem] IN [participant group/location]

Pool fencing FOR preventing drowning IN children

[Intervention] IN  or  FOR  [participant group/location]

Restricted VERSUS liberal water intake IN preterm infants

Home-based social support FOR  socially disadvantaged mothers
For many prophylactic interventions there is often no specified 'health problem'

Pool fencing FOR preventing drowning IN children

Restricted VERSUS liberal water intake IN preterm infants

Home-based social support FOR  socially disadvantaged mothers