Updating a review

Cochrane Reviews are updated based on need, rather than at set time intervals. The decision to update is based on the continuing importance of the review question to decision makers and the availability of new data or new methods that would have a meaningful impact on the review findings. Reviews can also be updated in order to inform clinical or practice guidelines.

As a Cochrane author, you accept responsibility for maintaining your review in light of new evidence, comments and criticisms, and other developments, and updating the review based on need, or, if requested, transferring responsibility for maintaining the review to others.

If you are interested in updating your review, please send the following information to the Managing Editor Fiona Russell (fiona.russell@health.nsw.gov.au):

  • A brief outline of the continuing importance of the review question
  • Examples of new studies (or additional data for studies already included), new information or new methodology that could be included in an update of the review
  • An assessment of whether the incorporation of new studies or information, or the adoption of new methods, would be likely to meaningfully impact on the findings of the review (e.g. change the findings; shed light on more nuanced effects of different variations on the intervention; strengthen the credibility of the review)

For more information, please see the Cochrane Handbook.