Our Editorial Team

Our Editorial Base Staff

Coordinating Editor: Jonathan Craig

Deputy Coordinating Editor: Giovanni Strippoli

Managing Editor: Fiona Russell

Information Specialist: Gail Higgins

Copy Editor: Narelle Willis

Our Editors

Statistical Editors

Role of the Editors

Editors of Cochrane Kidney and Transplant need to have:

  • Knowledge of the areas within the scope of Cochrane Kidney and Transplant.
  • Experience in carrying out systematic reviews for Cochrane.
  • Experience in reviewing and editing scientific material for publication.
  • The ability to facilitate the inclusion of the results of comments and criticisms into reviews.

The main roles of a Cochrane Kidney and Transplant Editor are:

  • To provide objective and unbiased reviews of new protocols and reviews to ensure that they make scientific sense, address relevant issues, make appropriate conclusions, and are in the standard format used by Cochrane.
  • To take primary editorial responsibility for a number of new reviews and updates per year; which includes suggesting suitable referees, prioritising comments/criticisms made by referees and recommending acceptance (or the need for further development) for publication in the  Cochrane Library to the Managing Editor.
  • To identify potential authors who can prepare a systematic review, and explain to them the implications of doing a Cochrane Review.
  • To contribute to CKT editorial policy decisions.
  • To participate in two Editorial Board meetings per year via teleconference.
  • To be prepared to represent CKT when attending conferences and specialist meetings.
  • Where possible, to attend training workshops for editors and the annual Cochrane Colloquium.